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Virtual Class- Making Butter

Date: Apr 14, 2020


  • 1 pint sized 16 oz mason jar
  • 1 cup heavy cream 38% fat content
  • cold water


  • Pour heavy cream into the mason jar, filling it half-way full. Screw the lid on.
  • Shake mason jar for approximately 5-7 minutes. After the first 2 minutes you'll have whipped cream. Keep shaking until you hear that a lump has formed inside, and shake an additional 30-60 seconds after that.
  • Remove the solids from the jar. The remaining liquid is buttermilk. You can save that for other recipes, or discard it.
  • Place the solids into a small bowl. Pour cold water over the butter and use your hands to squish it into a ball. Discard water and repeat rinsing 2 times more.
  • At this point you have butter. You can add in things like salt, honey, and herbs to create flavored butters, or serve in its pure form as is.
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